Prison Ministry

CLPRM holds weekly church services inside Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility — a maximum security men’s prison in Philadelphia — every Tuesday evening and every other Wednesday evening.

Also several times a year in the Chester County State Prison(PA) we are the guest Speakers. And on a one-on-one basis in Bucks County Prison Drug and Alcohol Department in Pa.

“I wish I could bring a video camera into the prison chapel and show my congregation the powerful praise worship.” ~ CLPRM volunteer

That’s the kind of sentiment we hear more than any other on the Tuesday and Wednesday nights each month that CLPRM leads a church service at Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility (CFCF), a maximum-security men’s institution on State Road in Philadelphia. Ministry members from area churches take turns leading, sharing, worshiping, singing, praising and giving the message. One highlight of every visit: the praise music. It ranges from keyboard to guitar to a capella. It may not always be on-key (in fact, it rarely is!), but it’s always incredibly powerful.

This ministry has been an eye-opening experience for most of us. So often we come to the prison expecting to serve God and minister to the inmates–only to find that the men minister to us as much as we minister to them. Many men have shared their testimonies and we’ve all been blessed to witness the power Jesus has to break chains of bondage, set prisoners free and transform lives.

In the words of one CLPRM member, “I’ve never felt so free to worship as when I’m behind the walls of CFCF.” This is a special place and we all feel a strong sense of privilege and blessing to be a part of it. Thanks to all who support this ministry with your time and contributions–you make it possible!


Prayers Needed

Pray for the man sitting in the back of the service week after week to finally hear God’s call and turn his life over to Jesus. Pray for the inmates who’ve met Jesus and experienced the transforming power of a relationship with Him. Pray that each grows deep roots of faith so he can stand firm in the Truth when faced with the trials of life outside (and inside) prison.


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