CLPRM and Created for Worship at Teen Challenge

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CLPRM and Created for Worship at Teen Challenge


You, Royce and Michael were Spirit-filled as you spoke about Jesus and salvation and how Satan is on the attack! We all know as Satan knows that he is already defeated! Many participated with your ministry and the band “Created for Worship” was incredible again led by the gifted Michael ! I am sure that I missed someone since there were so many blessings! Everyone does so well and we saw many men recommitted to Jesus and a few more were saved. We were in the back so I couldn’t see the numbers exactly.

I am so impressed with all three ministries! There were probably 200 guys there mostly young and many, many raising their hands to Jesus. Please share this to encourage all…it is from my heart!

On the wall, the sign says “TC, the Faith-Based solution to addiction.”Laly and I closed the place and were blessed to pray with an intern, Arfield (Garfield without the G). He was on crack for 30 years and now works there since 1997. He sounds soooooo good and loves our Lord! Now he works the front desk and deals with the brothers everyday. He is on the front lines and he seems to really have a gift! He said that he knows that he does since “not everyone can work the front desk.” He is 52 years old and looks so much younger…Joel 2:25 “I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten…”

Thanks for all that you are doing for LN our dear brother! Laly was so impressed tonight and she is looking forward to meeting your Peruvian neighbor in September!
Lord bless you again and again!

Jim Best, Ministry Development
Lighthouse Network