Inmate Testimony: Mark

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Inmate Testimony: Mark
Conquering Life Prison Ministry sees miracles at work in the hearts of inmates. Here is one of their stories.

On Tuesday night March 3, 2009, the Lord stopped by the church of CFCF (Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility). The presence of the Lord was so strong in that place, we couldn’t; go on with the service. We shouted, clapped, danced and cried until the total anointing of the Holy Spirit fell on every believing and non-believing person in the room. Oh yes, He was there like the pillar of fire that hovered over the Hebrews at night as they walked through the wilderness.

As the Holy Spirit moved in that place, I happened to see a couple of Muslims standing in “awe” of what was going on. One guy said to another, “Man, look at them – it’s for real!” The Bible says that “every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord.” (Hallelujah!) I have never felt that kind of power in a prison church. It’s amazing how men that are locked up, facing all kinds of troubles can get together on one accord and lift up the name of the most high.

I really believe that cases were won, relationships were put back together and backsliders were brought back home that night. I thank God for the outside ministries who come to bless and allow myself and other prisoners to feel the wonderful soul-saving power of the Lord.

No doubt, Jesus is real.