Inmate Testimony: Chris C

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Inmate Testimony: Chris C
Conquering Life Prison Ministry affects real people in very real ways. Here is one of their stories.

I want to say that by and through the love of God poured out to me by the worship team who faithfully minister to the church here at CFCF (Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility), Brothers Bob, Royce, Michael, Scott, Dan, Pat, Dave and Sisters Kelli and Michelle who have shown me by the Holy Spirit of God in whom they clearly possess what it means to be blessed, to be a blessing for someone else in their time of need.

For the last fourteen months, I’ve been amazed and so gratefully thankful for this team who consistently comes here for me—putting their own lives aside to share the love of God. You have given me an inspiration and encouragement in my faith of God. This allows me to realize that this does not have to be the end, rather the beginning of the guaranteed promises of Jesus in my life.

I surrendered and gave my life to Jesus at this very chapel as a result of your motivation, determination and dedication to further the kingdom of God in which I now partake. I cannot express my feelings by words of what Jesus means to me and my genuine gratitude towards this team and its church.

My brief testimony is one of drug and alcohol abuse that started at adolescence and destroyed everything positive in my life. Being consumed with hatred, guilt, shame and sorrow just mention a few, emotions built up over a long period of time. Not being dealt with, but rather suppressed by drugs and alcohol, I eventually exploded and am responsible for the death of an innocent life.

Ignorant, evil and corruption were over me. Now having been found guilty of first-degree murder in which I had no intent or motive to commit, as God is my witness, I find myself with a mandatory life sentence.

But, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus has taken away my judgment and cast away my enemy and taken away all negativity. He has given me love, hope, joy and peace and the promise of a future that is beyond my comprehension. Now, He is blessing me to be a blessing for others He puts in my path as He has done for you, also. It’s finally not about me any longer – it’s all about Jesus…Jesus…Jesus.

I thank this worship team with every fiber of my being. For who they are and what they have done for me through the love of God.

Christopher C