Family Support Group



FSG Mission Statement

To provide peer based support and resources for family members affected by their loved ones addictions and address common problems and challenges that we face with biblical principles.


FSG Vision Statement

We will share our personal stories, experience and knowledge in a non-judgemental environment to promote healing and inspire one another to create healthy relationships with ourselves and our loved ones.



Welcome to the Conquering Life Family Support Group. This group is committed to creating a safe place for men and women to share their experience, strength and hope. This is not a therapy group. No one is here in a professional capacity. Our purpose is to encourage one another by sharing our experiences, to listen patiently and offer compassion while not judging anyone. Our desire is to improve the quality of our own personal lives by looking honestly at who we are and learning about our emotions underneath what we do.

We will have a planned topic to discuss each week. If you have something weighing heavily upon your heart please let us know so we can talk it through. If you would prefer to talk to one of us privately please let us know. We all understand that some things are very painful & hard to talk about in a group. If you wish to attend out meetings, sit and say nothing and just listen that is perfectly fine! We are just glad that you made the decision to join us tonight! You are NOT alone!


Ethics & Confidentiality

What’s said in the meeting stays here-We recommend the use of first names only when speaking about others or say “my loved one”.


Bring A Friend

Bring a friend! Maybe you know someone who is struggling too.


Topics for Discussion:

  • Purpose of the Group. Defining & Understanding Codependency
  • Stigma and how it affects us
  • Blaming Ourselves
  • Effective communication, importance of Boundaries and boundary management   & the many ways to say “NO”
  • The Enabling Questionnaire/ Enabling and why we do it/*The Fine Line Between Enabling and Helping
  • Tough Love…does it work?
  • Thankfulness, Acceptance and Forgiveness
  • Detaching with love—letting go