Teen Challenge Service

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Teen Challenge Service

 “Now to Him who is able to exceedingly, abundantly above all we could ever ask or think, according to the power that’s at work in us.” Ephesians 3:20

This has always been the verse our ministry has stood on since its inception in May 2004. And really since I started in ministry in February 1999. I can look back and see all the doors that have opened and the paths He has laid out for us to walk on. Some of those have been temporary and short lived. But because some things are for a season, we have learned to watch for the next opportunity that best fits the gifts of this ministry. Even looking back on some of the people who have been a part of this ministry and have played a large role, if only for a short period of time. We have been so blessed with the volunteer base we have right now. People from CLC in Bensalem, PA – Woodside in Yardley,Pa – Crosspoint in Delaware Co. – Calvary Chapel Phila., PA – Hopewell in Downingtown, PA – Bethel in Runnemede, N.J. People from all walks of life, different denominations and backgrounds all coming together for one purpose, The Gospel of Jesus Christ. We currently have 12 volunteers who serve in some capacity, either in the prisons or the Friday addictions/recovery program.

Last year we helped a man from the prison we minister in Phila., get to Teen Challenge. His name is Wesley. And another man who I visited in a Bucks Co. prison 3 years ago and encouraged him to try T/C. His name is Jesse and he is now on staff at the main campus in Rehrersburg, PA. We got to see both of these men on Friday night, they were in the service at T/C. This is how this opportunity came about.

Teen Challenge WorshipWith everyone in prayer prior to Friday, there was this peace that settled in my heart quickly. Times of preparation were not as difficult as usual. This was going to be the biggest event we would put together for the Kingdom of God. In conjunction with a band “Created for Worship”, who have done music for our Friday night ministry in the past and in the prison. A wonderful group of people. We are blessed to be a part of ministry with them.

Once Friday came I felt like a Heinz ketchup bottle, just waiting to be poured out. All the good things stored up, desiring to saturate and give flavor to uncharted territory. T/C Rhrersburg is the main campus in the region and is also the training center for all it’s facilities. A beautiful place to get down and dirty with God. Where the rubber meets the road. Church, study, training , fellowship and food. Leave everything behind and get right with God. It’s like a college for the addict. Those who walked into the gymnasium didn’t look like your ordinary addict from the street. These looked like real people with real problems. Life issues. Some of the same stuff we go through on a regular basis. There was also this anticipation in the room as it began to fill up, that there was an answer to all of life’s questions. And there was, JESUS was in the house. You could tell that these were guys who were being schooled in some sense.

As I looked around all I could think of is what went wrong. When Royce opened up with a powerful word of encouragement and Michael and the band began to play ”Open the eyes of my heart“ there was a feeling of relief. All the preparation needed had passed and God took over for the rest of the evening. The sound that came from the band was the best I’ve ever heard them play. To be in a gym with 40 foot ceilings, it was amazing. Watching guys lift their hands, come up front and kneel and pray as the music blasted into all of our hearts is something I will never forget. You think at times during some of the powerful moments during worship and the word and you say to yourself how did we pull that off. The reality of it is, we didn’t. To God be all the Glory!!

When it got time to share the message, I was more relaxed than usual. Mark 2:1-12 The paralytic man was the word for the night. No matter how much you prepared sometimes it is not about notes, but about the spirit of God making sure His word does not come back void. And that He did. At the end I shared a story on a mountain climber who fell in pitch darkness and hung 10 feet from the ground and God told him to trust Him and cut the rope. To let go and let God. Most of us are only 10 feet from the best that God has us, if only we can let go and let God. The invitation began and men began to come forward for salvation. Then the band played the “Revelation Song” by Phillips, Craig and Dean. THE most powerful song on Christian radio. It was as if the Heavens opened and God poured out His spirit on that gym like no other time. Before you knew it, there were 10 guys on one side to be saved and about 30 guys on the other making re-commitments. Around 220 in attendance. Some were on their knees, some almost face down, others hands lifted high. That moment was indescribable. The most beautiful moment of our ministries history. After I led them in a prayer we went into the song “Friend of God” and the celebration began.

I think of times when we are growing in our relationship with God. Growing in the word and fellowship, but I think our ministry GREW UP that night. Just like there are times in our lives that force us to make some changes. To become fathers or mothers takes great responsibility. And like that, this night at Teen Challenge will force us to be more responsible, to take this walk with JESUS more seriously. To be held more accountable to our Savior and our Father which is in Heaven. God Bless you all. And thank you for all your prayer support.

Please continue on this journey with us as we grow in JESUS!!!!!

Bob Sofronski, Director CLPRM