Teen Challenge Thank You!

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Teen Challenge Thank You!

Hey Everyone,

THANK YOU FOR COVERING US IN PRAYER the other evening. Our blessing was all to the GLORY of HIM! In addition to your prayers, the Teen Challenge group was praying about our visit all day and although some of us late, made it just the same.

And so in the midst of all this incredible prayer coverage, the Lord was as brilliant as ever…HE was there!!! PRAISE GOD… I’m not even sure how many young and older men were there – maybe two hundred, but I do know that many came forward and accepted JESUS CHRIST last evening. And even more came up and re-committed themselves to CHRIST.

If I could draw you a picture verbally it would look like this…a large auditorium, a stage, 200 plus people all shouting out, JESUS, JESUS, JESUS, and then as if HIS huge arms wrapped around the body of HIS people, you saw smiles, tears of joy, hands lifted in praise, some on their knees and a GOD HIGH like you can’t imagine – addiction free and no more bondage.

I share this with you in THANKS for your continued prayer for this ministry, but more important, to express how much we really do love each and everyone one of you. And John T., it is a joy to have you with us (and thank you for keeping John awake on the long ride home).

God Bless,
Lisa Schultz